Designed for maximum peace of mind, a brief description of 4 custom plans is outline below. Contact the office for complete details of these comprehensive plans.

Priority scheduling
No extra fee emergency calls (24/7)
15% off other services while a maintenance plan customer

ELECTRIC ($299/yr)

  • Complimentary annual house evaluation (panel,
    switches, wiring and more)
  • 3 Hours of complimentary electric labor for repairs
    or new work


  • Spring & Fall tune up appointments to maintain
    heat and central A/C functionality
  • Includes many basic parts
  • Oil or gas
  • Manufacturer required annual maintenance
    (required for warranty)

GENERATOR ($349/year)

  • Manufacturer required annual maintenance (required for warranty)
  • Complementary service call included each year
  • One annual manufacturer recommended maintenance call and one complementary service call included each year
PLUMBING ($299/yr)

  • Complimentary annual house evaluation (bathrooms,
    kitchen, outside, basement/utility)
  • Inspect plumbing & gas lines for leaks and corrosion
  • Inspect equipment & appliances for functionality, leaks
    and corrosion
  • Inspect toilets, sinks, water heaters and faucets
  • Routine maintenance:
    • Water heater flush, test pressure/relief valve &
      thermocouple/pilot, inspect & clean burner, inspect
      anode and gas line
    • Sump pump flush/clean, lubricate float switch, inspect check valve, test for proper function
  • Snake main sewer line annually.


ANY 2 Plans @ $538/year
ANY 3 Plans @ $807/year
ALL 4 Plans @ $1,076/year

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