Wanted to share yesterday’s 7/20/2015 excellent and speedy service call by local co. Hammer Electric & Mechanical.

I’m stuck home on crutches for the next few weeks and noticed my air conditioning had failed. By noon the temp was 8 degrees higher than where I keep it. I called my “go to” company and they said “as you can expect lots of call and would be 1-3 days.” They also started asking about who’s been servicing my equipment (2010 was the last time i needed them) told them, “I do” and they started with the well… winter/summer service plan yada yada. I know the weathers been bad but wasn’t looking to wait that long. More importantly, if I’m feeling it I know my wife wouldn’t last or be happy when she got home from work. I decided to search the Allentown Borough & Upper Freehold Township NJ Neighborhood Page, @1:40pm called “Hammer” as a first time customer with no ties. The voice mail was full so I hit them up via messenger. Within a few minutes not only did they msg back but also received a phone call. By 3:45pm my A/C was producing cold air. Yeah thats right, only 2 hrs since my call in this heat! I had resigned to a night of toughing it out and maybe locating a room A/C to offer some comfort.

It was refreshing to deal with a company that actually responds to its online presence. The price was defiantly fair, and no up sale on a service plan. I usually try to resolve issues myself as I don’t easily trust bringing someone in. Hammer has made my short list and earned a spot on my cell phone for any future issues